Overslag Terminal Bergambacht

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OTB can load and unload barge, trucks and containers. Our mission is to work in a flexible way, efficient at a representative service level for our customers. We are able to respond quickly to the requirements of the customer.

With 240 meter quay and a dept up to 5m the facilities are perfect to organise barge loading and unloading operations.

With 9 warehouses we are able to store several goods in multi modalities.



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Container transport

Overslag Terminal Bergambacht (OTB) is a container terminal along the river the Lek. OTB offers all the necessary facilities and services for the transport, storage and handling of containers. With a hybrid electric harbor crane is it possible to load and unload the barge in a sustainable way. Using the reachstacker the containers can be in stacked.

As trafficjams, limited road transport options and raising costs are a daily problem in the Netherlands, barge transport, water transport, is a good way to avoid this problem and OTB makes this possible. Joint corridors help OTB with this. If you like to read more about this than you can check it at: https://go-off-road.nl/.


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OTB has a partnership with a barge operator to create a line service between the deepsea terminals in Rotterdam and Bergambacht. From Bergambacht there are three times a week departures with dedicated ships to and from Rotterdam.


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Pick-up of containers by truck at the terminals in Rotterdam comes with heavy delays. Custom clearence delay, waiting hours of transport companies and organizing pickup at the right time slots makes it all very difficult. Pickups of containers by barge are more structured as volume is combined.

OTB offers a sustainable alternative to the transport of containers and bulk product in our region.
Water transport is a sustainable, but also a more cost-efficient way of transport. Container transport by inland waterways guarantees a substantial emission reduction of CO2 and particulate matter per container. Many other benefits can be found at the Joint off road link to our Groene hart Corridor. https://go-off-road.nl/nederland-is-een-joint-corridor-rijker-de-groene-hart-corridor/

OTB has a strategic location near Rotterdam. With an quick and frequent scedule we are able be transport containers to you DC / warehouse. Find a overview of the best transport options https://www.routescanner.com/.

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Dry storage takes place in our sheds or storage silos. In our outdoor area we have many storage options for your project cargo, containers or bulk products.



We got a cooperation with local transport companies to organise transport from our OTB to your DC.
This is possible with our transport, or your own transport. An impression about the routing or the trucks on our terminal https://youtu.be/OtoJtgQG1Sw


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